A new speakeasy-style experience in Downtown Eugene. 86 is now open inside the Gordon Hotel. (You’ll need a password to get in!)  


EUGENE, OR, May 27th, 2022 —  The Urban Restaurant Group opens 86, a glamourous speakeasy-style den with a hidden entrance, in Downtown Eugene. In authentic fashion, a password is required to enter this speakeasy located inside the Gordon Hotel.



Located inside the Gordon Hotel in Downtown Eugene.



550 Oak Street

Eugene, Oregon 97401



A modern interpretation of the speakeasy experience, 86 is a throwback to the Prohibition-era establishments. When guests enter 86, they feel like they’ve glamorously stepped back in time with an alluring, dimly lit space inside downtown’s Gordon Hotel, intimately adorned in antique lighting. The attention to detail and distinctive menu contribute to a truly unique speakeasy experience that is full of mystique, enchanting patrons. This cozy gem features bold, handcrafted classic cocktails, prohibition area spirits, and era specific snacks and small plates that delight with authenticity.


(This is a 21+ ONLY establishment.)


Password, Please:

For access to the 86 speakeasy establishment, you must obtain a password* first!

Patrons may request a password by filling out the reservations form on the 86 website or emailing directly at A confirmation email will be sent to confirm the visit along with the password. Visits are limited to 90 minutes.


Once you have a password*, please walk through the main lobby of the Gordon Hotel and look for a door marked “Janitor”. Flip the switch that is to the left of the janitor door. Please only flip it once and wait for assistance. You will be asked for the password. Once a successful password is given, the doors will open and you’ll be allowed in.


* passwords change on a daily basis.



Tuesday through Saturday

4pm – 11pm




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About Company:

The Urban Restaurant Group team has drawn on decades of exceptional experience to create 86, an extraordinary speakeasy experience in Downtown Eugene

Urban Restaurant Group is a collection of local dining establishments throughout the Portland Metro area and Eugene, Oregon. These include restaurants, bars, event venues, and a catering company.

Founded by Mark Byrum, Urban Restaurant Group is a local restaurant management and consulting group defined by a love of the Northwest region and a passion for the restaurant industry.

Urban Restaurant Group is always expanding. As of May 2022, it is currently comprised of:

86 (Speakeasy), Gordon Tavern, Carlita’s Rooftop, Carlita’s Portland, 5th Street Eateries, Drunken Fish, BRIX Tavern Pearl, BRIX Tavern Tualatin, Metropolitan Tavern, Bartini, Urban Fondue, Swine Bar, Fuller’s Coffee Shop, Fuller’s Burger Shack, Supreme Bean, Urban Venues, and Pearl Catering.

With over 20 years of exemplary industry experience and a tireless work ethic, Mark Byrum has garnered a reputation as an unparalleled expert in concept creation, restaurant management and guest service. Byrum is a certified sommelier, a member of POVA (Portland Oregon Visitors Association) and the Oregon Restaurant Association.



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